Not Doing Much Here Anymore

As you can plainly see, I haven’t been posting here for sometime. You know, too much other stuff going on.

That old saying, good intentions…

In any case, you are want to see the blog where we churn out massive content, visit us over on BobWP.

If you use WooCommerce, would love for you to check our our podcast Do the Woo.

And for everything else that doesn’t fit on those two sites, but are still WordPress related. Check out unpluggedWP.



GoDaddy Challenge Coins from WordCamp US

Last December I really enjoyed the first official WordCampUS in Philadelphia.

In fact if you want to read my recap of the event, you can do that here.

What I wanted to share today was my Challenge Coins that were given out at WordCampUS by GoDaddy. They are pretty awesome.

Everyone had a chance to pick one and depending on which one you got, you were given a prize. I was lucky enough to get the black one that let me choose from the top prizes. In the end, I won this cool Miroir Micro Projector.

Now back to the challenge coins. I could write this long post about the history of these, but instead, you can check that out here.

So these coins have been setting on my shelf for a few months now. And today I was finally able to put them in a frame and hang them on the wall in my office, as they deserve to be. ūüôā


Just wanted to share those with you. Cheers!

New Online Course on BobWP: Monetizing Your WordPress Site. The Smart Way.

If you don’t know we have several courses over on our site.

Last Friday we added a new one on monetizing your self-hosted WordPress site.

This is a challenge I hear all the time, and through this course we want to help you understand all of the options available to you. If your site is your business site, blog or you just are sharing your travel experiences, why not figure a way to make a few bucks without it being so salesy.

So check it out here and let us know if you have any questions.

Would You Like Your WordPress Theme, Plugin or Services to be Reviewed on


For the last couple of months I have offered sponsored reviews on my site and the feedback from both vendors and readers has been very positive.

As a result, I have broken out that service from my main site and now you can submit your request for a review over on Of course, all reviews are still posted on my blog at, and shared with thousands of WordPress users.



My New WooCommerce Podcast

Just thought I would share with you my release from podcast hibernation.

Mid-last year I retired my WordPress podcast WP Breakdown for various reasons and swore to my listeners that yes, someday, I would come back into the podcasting world.

Well, today, on the BobWP blog I announced it.

do the woo podcast

Yes, it’s all about WooCommerce. The details have yet to been shared, but keep you eyes open. In the meantime to go and get signed up for updates.

Businesses Step Up to Give Nonprofits the Gift of WordPress Learning

When you ask WordPress people to step up to support WordPress education for nonprofits, it’s amazing what happens.

Some of you may not know this, but for as long as we have been in business, over 25 years, there has always been a large spot in our hearts for nonprofits. They are the heroes: doing work that only strengthens our communities and makes this world a better place.

I cannot tell you the number of pro bono jobs that we’ve done, the boards we have sat on and the hands-on volunteer work we were honored to donate.

It Was Always Rewarding

So over on BobWP we started a project. We reached out to the WordPress community with a partnership offer to give 30 nonprofits a year of WordPress education through our online courses. We thought what a perfect way for them to dive into 2016.

But We Didn’t Expect This

Did I mention the power behind the WordPress community? Well, as a result, WPEngine, a managed WordPress hosting company and generous supporter of education stepped up and sponsored 30 nonprofits. Yes, 30. So as a result,  guess what?

We Can Double Our Goal to 60

Since we had 16¬†donations before WPEngine’s amazing sponsorship, we thought, heck, let’s go for it. Let’s revise our goal to 60.

What Does This Have to Do With BobWP Stories?

The response we are getting is a story in itself. But the stories of human impact will come later in 2016. We are going to follow up with some of the nonprofits and ask them to tell us how they used their membership and how it empowered them to advance their mission and goals.

This is going to be the fun part!

Update: We Have Reached Our Goal!

As of Dec. 18, 2016, only three days after the launch of this project, we reached our goal of 60 nonprofits. Yes!

If you would still like to support a nonprofit, help take us beyond our goal.